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Authorized Service and Maintenance

Leopar authorized services to show the best care to your Inokim thanks to the regular training they receive regarding the products. In this way, they gain the best experience in years related to Inokim products.
When you come to Leopard Authorized Services, make sure that Original Inokim Spare Parts products are used. All our scooter products are 100% tested and approved by Inokim engineers.

Authorized Service

Cubuklu Mah. Orhan Veli Kanik Cad. Mese Sk. No:1/A  Beykoz İstanbul
Tel . +90 (532) 787 90 89  

Original Spare Parts

Original Spare Parts guarantee the expected comfort and performance of your Inokim scooter and ensure a long service life based on quality. Original Spare Parts are the most suitable parts for your scooter that has been designed and manufactured according to its design, safety, quality, driving safety, technology, environmental sensitivity, durability, and efficiency. Therefore, driving in the scooter is an indispensable phenomenon for your safety. With the original spare parts, your scooter's initial value is maintained. The service life is longer because it is more robust and of good quality and is more economical in the long term. Parts subjected to endurance tests;

. Highest quality

. Maximum safety

. 100% guarantee for safety

. Long service life

. It has exactly the same features as the parts used in mass production.

All Inokim original spare parts are available from Authorized Leopard dealers.

Original Accessories

Choose safe, guaranteed and original accessories to add your own style to your Inokim scooter, leave your mark on all your journeys with your unique Inokim. All Leopard original accessories are specially designed by Inokim engineers according to the scooter model. Original accessories are manufactured according to high-quality standards and are of the highest level of safety.

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