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Sinyal / Indicator 

289 TL

Inokim Light - 2 Electric Scooter 

Bring Speed and Fun to Life

Current News

Inokim Mini , Light, Ox ve Oxo models were shipped in all colour wariants. After 3-4 weeks, Inokim scooters willl meet them who are waiting in Istanbul.

Dualtron Thunder, Ultra,3 Eagle and Spider are expected to ship.29/03/2020


 O X

 Long Distance Range 

The Ox- Super scooter goes 94 km distance at eco mode on a single charge and climbs up to 45 degrees.

Award & Certificates

Take It Everywhere

 Electric scooter 13,7 kg lightweight and 3-second folding mechanism creates a fully portable last mile vehicle. Easily stored in the trunk of your car or sideways in the subway/Train, Inokim electric scooter is always ready to help you commute to your next destination.


“You will definitely turn heads when you roll up with inokim electric scooter! It's the new thing and everybody wants to try it out